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We handle all cable assembly processes-from design through manufacture-in-house, carefully assessing application requirements in order to maximize both performance and durability.

Call us at 630.754.3300 or e-mail us to discuss your specific needs.

  • Vector network analyzers for checking VSWR, insertion loss, and phase up to 40 GHz
  • Proprietary precision phase matching equipment
  • Custom molding
  • Thermal cycling and curing chambers
  • In-house cable design and production
  • Dedicated harness design and engineering staff
  • Quick-turn prototype team

A customer is developing a large, ship-borne, S-band radar as part of a radar suite for collecting data on ballistic missiles in flight. The radar is critical to efforts by the State Department and Department of Defense to collect data at world wide locations for the purpose of treaty verification.

The design requires wiring harnesses that will provide phase temperature stability, phase flex stability, and shielding, while at the same time meeting an array of mechanical and environmental requirements. The design life is 30 years.

Teledyne Stormís team responds by creating an armored harness utilizing a jacketed semi-rigid cable. This combination has the potential to deliver the desired phase stability, shielding, and mechanical and environmental performance, in a package that can be expected to function for 30 years.

The team rapidly builds prototypes, testing and perfecting various concepts until harnesses with the right combination of performance are found. Once the proper design is developed, Teledyne Stormís attention to process control and quality inspections ensures correct execution and delivery of the harnesses.

The customer receives qualified harnesses which meet their unique and demanding performance requirements.

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